Mean Bass Method

I’ve played bass for a very long time.  I started messing around with it when I was a drummer back when I was a teenager.  I was a huge fan of John Bonham’s drumming but after I heard John Paul Jones’ bass line on the Lemon Song I was hooked.

Now, 30 years and thousands of gigs later I’ve decided to put together a codified version of the hows and whys of what it takes to be a steady working bassist.  I’m now taking on students in the Greater Philadelphia area and teaching this method based on all of my experiences playing live and in the studio.  I’ll be covering the following topics, depending on talent level and 

  1. Equipment and Sound
  2. Strings and Notes
  3. Open Strings
    1. Running With the Devil
  4. The Money Notes
    1. The 7th Fret
  5. Major/Minor Scales
    1. The box
    2. Minor Pentatonic
  6. The Down Beat
  7. The Blues
    1. Structure
      1. Statesboro Blues
      2. Pride and Joy
    2. Walking Bass Lines
      1. Roadhouse Blues
      2. Killing Floor
  8. Playing with a Drummer
    1. Metronome
    2. Electronic Drum Beats
    3. Open Mics
  9. Ghost Notes
  10. Tablature/Lead Sheets
    1. House of the Rising Sun
    2. The Letter
  11. Major Scale Degrees
    1. I-IV-V
      1. Revisit Pride and Joy
    2. MmmMmM∅M
      1. Wild Nights
      2. Sultans of Swing
    3. I-VI-II-V
    4. Rhythm Changes
  12. Chords and Scales
    1. Guitar
    2. Modal vs Pentatonic
  13. Where the Fills Are
  14. Walking Bass Lines
  15. Syncopation