Moot Davis Rolls Across Southwest

We’re getting ready for the last big tour of 2014 with Moot Davis.  I get to play both guitar and bass on this trek, with tons of amazing landscape to pass the drive time.

This tour see us visit Columbus, St Louis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, the Texas panhandle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Sedona, Tucson, San Antonio, Nashville, Lexington and Washington.


Michael Mean

I am a musician, producer and entrepreneur. I have played electric bass, upright bass and guitar for touring act Moot Davis for the past 4 years. I also work as a producer, most recently for a project called Adams Wilson. In 2012 we started Crow Town Records as a vehicle for world class songwriters in the Americana, Country, Roots Rock genres. Check out for more information. I also believe strongly in giving back wherever I can. In 2012 I started putting on a BBQ fundraiser for musicians in the South Jersey area called BomberJam. To date we've raised over $10,000 for Brain Tumor Research.

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